Payment methods and transactions

Credit and debit cards

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SEPA Direct Debit

Point of Sale



Payment methods


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  • How do I refund a payment?

    You can refund up to 100 payments at once in your Mollie Dashboard or the Mollie mobile app. Refunds are possible for all payment met...

  • How do I top up my balance for a refund?

    The funds for refunds are deducted from your available balance. If you don’t have enough available balance to cover a refund, we’ll q...

  • Can I refund a voucher payment?

    No, refunds are not supported by voucher issuers. When a customer pays with a voucher, the amount is immediately captured and cannot ...

Payment requests

  • How do I create a payment request?

    Payment links create a shareable link or QR code that you can use to request payment for your product or services. Once opened, your ...