What do I need to know about reversals of SEPA Direct Debit transactions?

When your customer pays with SEPA Direct Debit, they have up to 8 weeks from the purchase date to request a chargeback and reverse the payment. Once a customer requests a chargeback, you cannot dispute it. The customer’s bank will reverse the payment and the amount will be returned to the customer’s account.


Viewing chargebacks

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can view all chargebacks under Transactions > Chargebacks. When you click on the transaction, you can view the transaction details, and check Bank failure reason to understand why the chargeback failed. There is a fee for each chargeback. Some banks also charge extra fees for chargebacks or failed transactions.


How do I prevent chargebacks?

It’s difficult to prevent a chargeback because a customer doesn't need to provide a reason when they request a chargeback from their bank. To prevent your customers from making a chargeback for unknown direct debits, you can keep them informed of when they'll be charged and for what product or service.


Good to know

Your customer can file an Unauthorised Direct Debit Report if they believe they haven’t authorised a direct debit.


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