How do I use Recurring Payments via Mollie?

With Recurring, you can periodically direct debit your customers, for instance for a subscription or a payment in installments. SEPA Direct Debit is a recurring payment option which you can enable with Mollie. You can use SEPA Direct Debit in the following ways:

  • In combination with our Recurring API.
  • In Wordpress. For this, you need plugins such as WooCommerce, Mollie Payments for WooCommerce, Chargebee and WooCommerce Subscriptions (a paid plugin).
  • Via RCUR, a Mollie product with which you can easily automate all processes for selling subscriptions.
  • In combination with another recurring payments integration which supports Mollie as a payment provider (check with your chosen Recurring Payments integration whether they support Mollie as a payment provider). 

We no longer support the options direct debit via the payment screen and via batch upload.


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