How do I activate payment methods?

You can easily activate and deactivate payment methods in your Mollie Dashboard with just a few steps.

What you need to know in advance

Most payment methods are activated immediately. However, we need to perform further checks to activate certain riskier payment methods like Klarna, SEPA Direct Debit and credit cards. We may contact you for additional details before we approve these payment methods for your website. 

Activating payment methods

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, go to your Settings > Website profiles.
  2. Under your preferred website profile Website profiles, select Payment methods.
  3. You will see a list of payment methods. Activate a payment method by clicking on the switch. To deactivate it, click the switch again.



Good to know

If your organization is selling via a platform (using Connect for Platforms), the Marketplace is the one to decide which payment methods are offered to your customers. Your customers can only select their own payment methods if they also sell via Mollie through their own website profile.


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