How do I activate Billie as a payment method?

You can activate Billie in your Mollie Dashboard. You need to use our Orders API or a supported plugin or module to integrate Billie on your website. 


What you need to know in advance

  • You must comply with Billie's terms and conditions to offer it as a payment method to your business buyers. 
  • Billie does not generate or share invoices with your customers. You have to remove your bank details on invoices to customers that pay using Billie. 
  • Billie is only available for business customers. Make sure to label the payment method accordingly.


Activating Billie

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, click on your organisation name in the top left corner.
  2. Go to Organisation settings > Payment methods.
  3. Select Billie: Buy Now, Pay Later.

If you’re using a pre-built integration, you may need to enable the payment method in the settings of your ecommerce system before your customers can use it to make payments.

Supported plugins

  • Shopware
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento 
  • JTL
  • OXID
  • Lightspeed
  • Shopify



Before going live with Billie

Use the following Go-Live Checklist to ensure a smooth integration of Billie in your webshop and properly launch your new B2B payment method to your customers.


Updating your invoices

To avoid confusion, you have to remove your own bank details on invoices paid via Billie, as your customers should pay these invoices to Billie directly. We also recommend including the following invoice description.


Changing checkout display name

By default, your customer will see Billie listed in English during the checkout process. If you want to display the localised name of the payment method, update your locale in the Methods API by adding the translated name to your database or plugin configuration. For further information, refer to Billie’s Checkout Design Guide


Good to know

You can find Billie's Terms and Conditions on their website. You can also find additional information for your customers here.