How does SEPA Direct Debit work?

With SEPA Direct Debit you will be paid via an automatic transaction. This means that your customer doesn’t have to pay you manually. This is useful for regular transactions, such as monthly subscriptions. You can activate SEPA Direct Debit in your Mollie account.


Before you activate SEPA Direct Debit

A customer has to give you permission to take money from his account. There are two ways to get such a permission:

  • The customer gives his signature with his pen.
  • The customer signs a digital authorization form. You can send this to your customer using eCurring, a Mollie product.


Activating SEPA Direct Debit

You can activate SEPA Direct Debit in your Mollie account

  1. Go to Settings > Website profiles.
  2. Select Payment methods.
  3. Choose SEPA Direct Debit.
  4. We will check your request. We aim to inform you if you can use SEPA Direct Debit within 3 business days.