How do I activate meal, eco and gift vouchers as a payment method?

With Mollie, your consumer is able to pay for your services or products with meal vouchers, eco vouchers or gift vouchers. You can activate vouchers as a payment method in your Mollie Dashboard


Before you can receive vouchers 

Before you are able to activate vouchers as a payment method, make sure you:

Activating vouchers

  1. Open your Mollie Dashboard. 
  2. Go to Settings > Website profiles.
  3. Select Payment methods
  4. Next to Vouchers, click on the arrow:  
  5. Next to the name of the distributor of the vouchers, click on the arrow:
  6. Enter the contract-ID you received from the distributor. 
  • The Sodexo ID starts with 02 and has 8 digits.
  • The Monoizze starts with 80 and has 10 digits. 
  • Select the right voucher. 

We will check your request and will activate your new payment option. This takes around 2 business days.  


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