How do I install Klarna via Mollie?

With Klarna, your customer can make a deferred payment or make a payment in instalments. You can link Klarna to your Mollie account by installing the Orders API.

We support the following Klarna products:

Klarna: Pay later

If your customer pays with Pay Later, they can choose to pay for their purchase within 30 days of it being shipped. For an additional fee, your customer can extend this to 60 days.


Pay Later is available for customers residing in these countries:

  • The Netherlands (Achteraf betalen)
  • Belgium (Betalen binnen 21 dagen; Paiement dans 21 jours)
  • Germany (Rechnung)
  • Austria (Rechnung)
  • Finland (Maksa myöhemmin)
  • France (Payer en 3 fois sans frais)
  • Sweden (Få först. Betala sen.)
  • Denmark (Køb nu. Betal senere.)
  • Norway (Få først. Betal senere.)


Klarna: Slice it

Slice it allows your customers to pay in 3 to 36 instalments. Klarna does a credit check to see if your customer is eligible for this payment method. 


Slice it is available for customers residing in these countries:

  • The Netherlands (Betaal in 3 delen)
  • Germany (Ratenkauf)
  • Finland (Pilko se)
  • Austria (Ratenkauf)
  • Sweden (Dela upp.)
  • Norway (Del opp.)
  • Denmark (Betal i 3 dele)
  • Italy (Paga in 3 rate senza interessi)
  • Spain (Paga en 3 cuotas sin interés)
  • Portugal (3 pagamentos sem juros)


Klarna: Pay now

With Pay now, customers can pay for one-off transactions securely and immediately using their own online banking details through bank transfers or direct debit orders. As a merchant, you’re protected against customer non-payment risk and are paid out 5 business days after the order is shipped. 

Pay now is available for customers residing in these countries:

  • The Netherlands (Betaal nu)
  • Germany (Pay now)
  • Austria (Pay now)
  • *Belgium (Betaal nu)
  • *Finland (Verkkopankki- ja korttimaksu)
  • Sweden (Banköverföring)
  • Italy (Paga ora)
  • Spain (Paga ahora)

* Pay now via direct debit is not available for these countries.


Klarna: Pay in 3

Klarna: Pay in 3 is available for customers residing in The Netherlands and France.

With Klarna: Pay in 3 customers can pay securely and immediately using their VISA or Mastercard Credit/Debit Card or Direct Debit over 3 interest free instalments. As a merchant, you are protected against customer non-payment risk and are paid out 5 business days after you mark the order as shipped. Thanks to the real-time transaction confirmation that you’ll receive, you can dispatch the goods to your customers immediately and reap the rewards of payout guarantees.

Activating and installing Klarna

You need to make a request for us to activate the Klarna payment methods on your account. 

  1. Go to your Mollie Dashboard.
  2. Go to Settings > Website profiles > Payment methods.
  3. Select Klarna: Pay Later, Klarna: Slice it, Klarna: Pay in 3 and/or Klarna: Pay Now

We will review your account and approve the request within 5-7 business days. If we require more information, we will send you an email.

Once your request is approved, you must use our Orders API to process Klarna orders through your website. You also need to install one of our supported plugins and modules or build a custom integration into your backend.


Visible payment method name during checkout

When you link the payment method to your account, you’ll see the English name: Pay later, Slice it or Pay now. If you want to display the translated name to your customers during checkout: 

  • Pass Locale in the Methods API.
  • Add the translated name to your database or plugin configuration. You can find the name of the Klarna products in different languages above.


Payment risks and fraud

Klarna takes responsibility for various payment risks and possible fraud. However, you must comply with Klarna’s terms and conditions, such as that:

  • You can provide Klarna with a proof of shipment.
  • You can answer within 24 hours if Klarna contacts you.

You can only handle your Klarna disputes in the Klarna Merchant Portal, this cannot be done in your Mollie Dashboard, so make sure to activate the Klarna Merchant Portal. This is where Klarna communicates with you, and allows you to handle disputes before they turn into chargebacks. If you lose the dispute, the transaction will be charged back and you cannot revert this.


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