Have you received your first transactions? Congratulations! The next step is that we pay you out. To make sure we can do this, please check the following:

  • Make sure you have entered all required information to your Mollie account. Note that we need a copy of your identification document and that you need to verify your bank account. If not all information is in your account yet, you will see ‘Add additional information’ when opening your Mollie Dashboard.
  • Set your desired payout frequency. You will be paid out according to the payout frequency in your Mollie account. This is by default 2x a week (on Tuesday and Friday), but you can adjust it to, for instance, every business day or only the first business day of the month.
  • Keep in mind the minimum outpayment amount. The minimum amount is by default set on €5,-, but you can increase this amount in your account. This means that we cannot pay you out if the amount in your account is lower than the amount mentioned here.


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