When will my account be approved?

When your total balance is € 5,- or more, your account is pending for approval. Before we approve your account we check your website, your bank account and your identification. This usually takes 5 to 10 business days.


Before we approve your account


We check which products and services you offer on your website, since we don’t accept all products and services. 

  • Make sure that your website is live when you request the approval.
  • State your company details on your website.
  • Do you have a webshop? Make sure there are products for sale during the check.
  • Do you offer a service? Give a clear description of these services on your website.

Bank account

We check your bank account. We start paying you as soon as we approve your banking details. We’ll notify you by email if we reject your account. 

  • Make sure your bank account is in the name of your business. 
  • Dutch bank accounts need to be business accounts. We can’t deposit any money on a Dutch private account.
  • Make sure your company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce


We check the details of your ID. We’ll send you an email if we reject your identification. 

  • Add a copy of a passport, identity card, residence permit, or a Dutch or British driving licence. We don’t accept driving licences issued from other countries.
  • Make sure all your details are correct and readable.


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