When will I be paid?

With Mollie, you decide when you receive your money. You can change the payout date and frequency in your Mollie account, free of charge. If you don’t change the payout date, we pay you twice a week. Usually on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you received a transaction, we will pay you on the next Tuesday, Friday or first business day of the month. When we pay you, can be different for each payment method. In your Mollie account you can find the exact next payout date. When you receive your money depends on your bank. 


Before we pay you for the first time

We can only pay you if we have all your correct credentials. Did you expect a payment, but you did not receive your money? Please check your Mollie Dashboard to see if you correctly entered your details.

We check and approve your account after you’ve received your first transaction. This usually takes 1 or 2 business days. At the moment, this takes 5 to 7 business days. After we’ve approved your account, we will pay you on the first payment date you set in your Mollie account. 


My account was approved, but I did not receive my money

Next to your balance in your Mollie account you can see why we didn’t pay you yet. Possible reasons are: 

  • We don’t pay on SEPA banking holidays. You will receive your money on the next payment date.
  • We only pay € 5,- or more. We move the payment to the next payment date until there is € 5,- or more on your account. 
  • It takes a while for us to receive your money, depending on the payment method of your customer. Please check the list of payment methods
  • Sometimes your account requires an additional check. You can see if this is the case in your Mollie Dashboard. If so, please contact us.
  • Your money is On hold.