Why do my invoices not match my reports?

There are several reasons your sales invoices may not match your reports.


Rounding differences

A transaction fee varies based on the payment method, applicable VAT, and other charges. Since we can’t charge amounts beyond two decimals, we round up your fees. If you pay too much at the end of the month the excess is added to your Mollie balance as part of your next payout.


If you have a €0.3509 transaction fee (including VAT), we’ll charge €0.36 because we round the fee up. The (sum of) rounding differences is compensated back to you at the end of the month.


Settlement delays

Your settlement report might not match your invoice because it may include additional costs or revenue missing due to settlement delays

For example, as credit card transactions are paid out with a delay, some credit card payments made during the last week of the month might appear in the next month’s settlement report.


Good to know

You can match payments to invoices using payment descriptions. Payments descriptions are automatically added to your payments when you connect Mollie to your website.


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