What do I need to know about Mollie’s DATEV export?

DATEV is an export format used to extract your financial data from Mollie to help with your accounting. Using this format will enable you to import your transaction details into your DATEV-compatible accounting system more easily.


How to export your data using the DATEV export

You can handle your accounting using two methods. DATEV export works with the same data as the other export formats CSV, MT940, and CODA, but only with a suspense account. To export your data in the DATEV format, follow these steps: 

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Administration > Report.
  2. Select Export
  3. Choose the file type DATEV.
  4. Select the day or month you want to export.


Functionality and settings of the DATEV export

DATEV provides additional information specifically for integration with DATEV-compatible accounting software. We use the following default settings in the DATEV export:

  • The SKR04 ledger framework is used.
  • There is a lump sum debitor (in our case, with the number 69999) where all your sales accumulate.
  • There are two clearing accounts: 
    • 1300 for the balance of receivables.
    • 1460 for the payouts in progress.
  • Payment expenses (i.e. Mollie’s fees) are booked on 6850.

If the above ledger numbers don’t work for your account, you can remap them to your accounting framework in two ways:

  • During the import process of your accounting software. 
  • Manually, through a text editor or Excel by using search and replace.

You can learn more about the import process here.

If you do not use a lump sum debitor, your accounting software should be able to automatically map the payments to the sales using either the Mollie transaction ID or the order number as a matching point.


Transaction types in DATEV export 

The DATEV export report contains six transaction types:

  • Customer payments through Mollie, booked as 1300 > 69999. 
  • Payouts, booked as 1460 > 1300.
  • Refunds, booked as reversed customer payments, booked as 69999 > 1300.
  • Chargebacks.
  • Mollie’s fees, booked as 6850 > 1300, as they are directly deducted from your payout.
  • Invoice compensation for rounding errors in previous months, or reverse invoices, booked as 1300 > 6850.


Good to know

  • You will need other sources of data to complete your accounting. In most cases, you will need imported data from your shop system or ERP containing all your sales, and imported data from your bank containing your account’s transactions.


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