How do I download an annual report?

You can download an annual report from 2021 onwards in your Mollie Dashboard

An annual report gives you an overview of the turnover, payments, and outstanding balances you received during a specific year. You can use this report for bookkeeping purposes.

How to download an annual report for 2021 (and later)

  1. Open your Mollie Dashboard
  2. Go to Reports > Balance
  3. Click Download annual reports
  4. Choose the year. 
  5. Choose your balance (this is used when you have balances in other currencies).
  6. Click Download


Creating an annual report for 2020 (or earlier)

To create an annual report for 2020 or earlier, you will need to build your own by exporting the balance report, transactions, and settlements from that year. Combining these exports gives you an overview of the transactions, costs, and payouts from that year. 

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