Can I link multiple companies to one Mollie account?

Yes, it is possible to add multiple companies to one Mollie account. 

It could be that you have multiple companies with their own Chamber of Commerce number. To be able to use Mollie’s services for every company, you need to have a unique Mollie ID per company. To avoid that you should create a different Mollie account per company, it is possible to add multiple companies to one Mollie account - these are called ‘organizations’ in your dashboard. This way you only have to log in once with your email address and password and can easily switch between the different organizations in your account. 

Do you have multiple websites that belong to the same company and thus are registered under the same Chamber of Commerce number? Then you can add those websites to the same organization, by adding them below ‘Website profiles’. Here you can read more about adding a new website profile to your account. 

How do I add a new organization to my account?

1. Log in to your Mollie account

2. Click on the arrow next to your Mollie ID (the 7 numbers next to #)

3. Select ‘Create new organization’


4. You will see a notification to confirm that you want to create a new organization. Tap ‘Confirm’. Please note that once you have confirmed this, you cannot remove the organization from your account yourself anymore.


5. Before you can process payments, you need to enter the required information about your company, the same you did when you created your Mollie account. You can do this by clicking on ‘Complete account’. Here you read which information we need.


How do I switch between the different organizations in my account?

Once you are logged into your Mollie account, you can click on the arrow next to your Mollie ID in the top left of the dashboard. Here you can select another organization.




When you are logged into your Mollie App, press Settings > View other organization, this will bring up the list of organizations you are a part of.


Can I remove an organization from my account?

It is currently not possible to remove an organization from your account yourself. The only thing you could do is terminating your account, but this means that everything in your account, including the different organizations, will be removed. So be careful not to terminate the entire account if you only want to remove one or more organizations. To remove an organization you can send an email to our customer service. Please note: The email must be sent by the account owner or legal representative and must include a copy of that person's ID and signature for verification. Otherwise we cannot remove the organization.



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