Can I refund multiple transactions at once?

Yes, it’s now possible to refund multiple transactions! 

How it works: selecting transactions 

  • Go to Transactions > Payments in your Dashboard
  • Select the transactions you want to refund by ticking the box in front of the transaction.


How it works: selecting transactions by choosing a filter

  • Choose the preferred filter on the right side of the screen to filter on keywords, time period and/or payment method.


  • Once you select the filter you can select all the visible transactions at once by clicking the top  box in the Payments overview.

Please note: only the first amount of transactions are automatically loaded, make sure you scroll down to load more transactions. You can refund up to 100 transactions at once.  


How it works: processing the refund 

  • Click on ‘Refund ... transactions’’ on the top right of the screen. It shows you the amount of transactions you selected to refund.


After you click the refund button this overview will appear. It shows the amount that is needed to process all the refunds, you’ll be able to top the balance a few steps further! Click ‘I understand, continue’ to move on to the next step.


  • You now have the possibility to add a description. This description will be added to all the selected refunds. When you have checked the summary, you can tick the box ‘I’ve read the    summary and agree to refunding …’ and click ‘Refund’.


  • The overview below will show you the progress of the refunds.

    Please note: If you move to another page or close the page while the refunds are still processing, it will interrupt the refund process and you have to restart the refund again.


  • When the refund is completed it will show an overview of the queued or failed  refunds. If there    wasn’t enough balance on your account to process all the refunds, you will see the transactions  that are queued. You can top up your balance by clicking the button. 

       Here you can read more about topping up your balance. 



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