I have a question or complaint about my order

We only arrange the payment between you and a webshop. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with any questions about your order or its delivery. 


I did not receive my order

Please contact the webshop directly to find out where your order is. You can fill in our form to find the contact details of the webshop. 


I want a refund

Contact the webshop where you made your purchase if you wish to make a return, cancel your order, or receive a refund. Since we only arrange the payment, we are unable to refund your purchase. Only the merchant is allowed and able to do so. You can fill in our form to find the contact details of the webshop.


Reporting a payment

If you don’t recognise a payment or if you can’t reach the webshop, you can report a transaction:

  1. Find your transaction.
  2. Select Report this payment.
  3. Enter your details and describe the situation.
  4. Click Send.

We will save your report and contact the webshop if necessary. If you think you may be a victim of fraud, please contact the authorities.


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Please contact Support for help.

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