How can I refund a gift card payment?

Payments can be refunded via our platform through either an API request or via your Dashboard. Even though you're not being paid by Mollie for a gift card payment, in some cases it's possible to refund a gift card payment via Mollie.

The gift card value can't be refunded to the gift card itself, but will be refunded to the payment method which is being used for the stacked payment.

This means that it's only possible to refund a gift card when a consumer used another payment method together with the gift card. You can't refund when the payment only exists out of one or multiple gift card(s). You can refund all payment methods with the exception of Credit Card and PayPal.

Example 1: gift card + iDEALScreen_Shot_2017-10-23_at_14.06.51.png

Example 2: gift card + Credit CardScreen_Shot_2017-10-23_at_14.07.41.png


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