What are invoice corrections?

From 1 January 2020, the Mollie Dashboard will be upgraded. We will gradually migrate our customers. Before we migrate your account to the upgraded dashboard, we will inform you in advance by email. Only if your dashboard has been upgraded, the information below applies to you.

You may see an amount next to ‘corrections’ on an invoice. Invoice corrections are used when, for example, you should receive a partner commission or should pay a different rate for one or more payment methods and this has not yet been entered in the systems. Such corrections are always included in the next billing round.

Where can I see the invoice corrections?

  • In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Administration > Report. Below ‘charged costs’ you can see the amount that has been corrected on the invoice.
  • You can recognize the corrections on the invoice because there is ‘(other)’ behind these costs.


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