What do I see on an invoice and how can I download it?

The upgraded dashboard has some changes to the invoices. Please read through the main differences:

  • Always an invoice for one month: every first business day of the month, an invoice will automatically be created, whether or not you have been paid out. Only if you have not processed any transactions in a month, no invoice will be created.
  • A better overview of costs per payment method. The fixed and variable costs are added together, so you know exactly what you pay for which payment method. On the specifications page on the invoice you will see a differentiation between the fixed and variable costs. 
  • If during the month your rate changes for one or more payment methods, this will be immediately included in the invoice that you receive for that month.
  • Only 1 VAT calculation: because we calculate 21% VAT over all fees, from now on there will be one VAT calculation on the invoice. You can find this calculation above the total amount. 
  • The report in which the turnover, deductions and payments are specified is no longer included in the invoice (see images below). You can find this overview in your Mollie Dashboard (Administration > Report). Here you can find very detailed information about your business between time periods that you can select yourself. An export of this report (available in MT940 and CODA) can be created per day or per month. The exports will also be slightly different than before, therefore please read this article carefully.

Example of old invoice. The information in the red squares will no longer be on the second page of the invoice, but is now in your dashboard.

Example of new invoice. The second page of the invoice includes an invoice specification.

Invoice specification

The invoice also includes a specification of fixed and variable costs, here you will find more detailed information about the costs per payment method and the turnover. In this specification, the fixed and variable costs are split up.

Download your invoice

To download an invoice as PDF file, go to Administration > Invoices in your Mollie Dashboard. Click on the invoice number or ‘PDF’ and the download will start automatically.

As soon as a new invoice has been created, you will receive a notification via email with a link to the invoice in your Mollie Dashboard.


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