How do gift cards payments show on my invoice?

We charge €0,25 for gift card payments. When a stacked payment is made, which means another payment method is used to pay the additional amount, we will charge €0,25 for the gift card payment plus the costs for the other payment method used.

On the invoice, we will show the gift card payment on a separate line. The cost for the use of another payment method (for a stacked payment) will be added to the total transactions for that specific payment method.

For example, you received 1 gift card payment stacked with a credit-card payment and 5 regular credit-card payments, the invoice will state a total of 6 credit-card payments.

Important: The Dashboard amount can differ from your invoice. For above example, the Dashboard will still show 5 credit card payments, because this payment will be added to the gift card payment. 


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