Mollie currently offers 27 different currencies, but the settlement will always be in euros. Payouts in other currencies are not possible.

After a payment is settled you’ll see an overview of the payment in your dashboard. This overview includes the original amount in the foreign currency and the settlement amount in euros.

Below you’ll find a list of all supported currencies. As a merchant, you are able to offer any of the supported currencies in your webshop. Click here to read how you can use multiple currencies via our API.

Code Currency Payment Method(s)
AUD Australian dollar PayPal, credit card
BGN Bulgarian lev Credit card
BRL Brazilian real PayPal
CAD Canadian dollar PayPal, credit card
CHF Swiss franc PayPal, credit card
CZK Czech koruna PayPal, credit card
DKK Danish krone Paypal, credit card
GBP British pound PayPal, credit card
HKD Hong Kong dollar PayPal, credit card
HRK Croatian kuna Credit card
HUF Hungarian forint PayPal, credit card
ILS Israeli shekel PayPal, credit card
ISK Icelandic krona Credit card
JPY Japanese yen PayPal, credit card
MXN Mexican peso PayPal
MYR Malaysian ringgit PayPal
NOK Norwegian krone PayPal, credit card
NZD New Zealand dollar PayPal
PHP Philippine peso PayPal
PLN Polish zloty PayPal, credit card
RON Romanian leu Credit card
RUB Russian ruble PayPal
SEK Swedish krona PayPal, credit card
SGD Singapore dollar PayPal
THB Thai baht PayPal
TWD New Taiwan dollar PayPal
USD US dollar PayPal, credit card

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