What does a transaction status mean?

Transaction statuses display the current status of a payment or refund. You can check the status of a transaction from your Mollie Dashboard

A transaction always has one of the following statuses:




Your customer successfully made a payment.


A payment was started, but not finished.


Your customer may have abandoned their payment, or didn’t pay in time. The expiry time varies depending on the payment method.


This usually means that your customer clicked on Cancel payment

Your customer can only cancel a Klarna order if Klarna didn’t authorise the payment yet. You can cancel a Klarna order until the order is marked as ‘sent’.


Our system flagged this payment as suspicious, so we blocked it to protect your business from fraudsters.
We analyse your transactions using data from the payment (such as billing and shipping addresses). If we suspect the payment is fraudulent, we’ll block the transaction.


The payment failed. This may be due to a banking error.


The money is transferred to your business account. 


Your customer reversed a credit card payment or a SEPA collection failed


You refunded the payment to your customer. 

Refund processing

The payment is in the process of being refunded. 

In most cases, your customer will receive the refunded amount in their account within 2 business days. If your customer paid with a credit or debit card, their refund will appear on their bank account within 14 days.

Partially refunded

You refunded a part of the payment to your customer. 


The payment process started, but is not yet finalised. This status changes as soon as the payment is done. 


Your customer completed the payment, but the money is only transferred once you capture the payment or ship the order. This status is only available for Cards, Apple Pay, Klarna Slice it or Klarna Pay later.


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