UK Migration: Accepting the tripartite user agreement

UK-based customers currently have a contractual relationship with Mollie B.V. - our European entity. You will need to enter into our new User Agreement (which includes both Mollie B.V. and Mollie UK) so Mollie can continue providing its services to you in the UK.  

There are some minor changes in how we operate as we transition to our new UK licence, including how we safeguard funds for some payment methods. However, these operational changes do not impact how you use Mollie or the services we provide.

Furthermore, there are no changes to pricing or the products we offer to our customers in the UK.

How to accept the User Agreement 

You will shortly receive an email with your UK Organisation account details which you will be able to access by logging onto your Mollie Dashboard. More information can be found in this article

Please note that payment services will remain deactivated on the UK Organisation account until the user agreement has been accepted.

In order to accept the user agreement, please log into your Mollie Dashboard and go to the settings section. You can easily identify your “UK Organisation Account” on your Mollie Dashboard, the mention “(New)” was added in front of your organisation name. Please note that it is mandatory for you to accept the new Mollie UK User Agreement if you wish to continue receiving services from Mollie. 

In the event that you do not wish to continue using our services, please note that the payment services on your EU Organisation Account will be disabled prior to the end of 2023.