UK Migration: Financial Reporting changes post transition

Mollie will facilitate the transition from Mollie B.V to Mollie UK Ltd for eligible customers by creating a UK Organisation Account. More information can be found in this article


How will the transition impact my financial reporting? 

By creating a new UK organisation to transition to the Mollie UK entity means that you must be  aware that settlement between both organisations (EU & UK) can overlap for a certain period of time depending on the payout frequency and payment methods selected. 


Which changes can I expect? 

You currently receive your payouts from Mollie B.V’s bank account. This will change once you’ve completed the transition process & start transacting with your UK Organisation Account. 

You may also notice minor differences in your invoice. Once you have transitioned to Mollie UK Ltd & have completed the migration, your payouts will be performed by Mollie UK Ltd through a UK bank account. 



You may reconcile by downloading the invoices of both your EU Organisation & UK Organisation Accounts. 

You may receive 2 invoices for a certain period of time post migration. This is to account for the activities that may need to be performed under the Mollie B.V entity through your EU Organisation Account. 

Those activities cover: 

  • Possible chargebacks.
  • Consumer refunds. 
  • Mollie fees (e.g: chargeback fee). 

We anticipate this to last for a maximum of 180 days starting from the day you transition to your UK Organisation Account.