UK Migration: Transition to UK Organisation Account

We're currently migrating UK-based customers from our European entity (Mollie B.V.) to Mollie UK Ltd. After the transition, your current organisation with Mollie B.V. (called "EU Organisation Account") will be replicated by a new organisation with Mollie UK Ltd (called "UK Organisation Account").


How do I know which organisation account to use?

In your Mollie Dashboard, your UK Organisation Account can be identified by the prefix (New) in front of your organisation name. You should proceed with using this account as usual for your business. Please do not use your former EU Organisational Account.

The former EU Organisation Account will still appear in your Mollie Dashboard, so that you can access it for administration and reporting purposes.


What do I need to do to migrate to a UK Organisation Account?

We contact all eligible customers by email to make the transition to UK Organisation Accounts. You can take the following steps:

  1. Accept the new User Agreement with Mollie UK Ltd by following the steps that we sent you by email.
  2. If you're using an integration with Mollie, you must change the API key you're using. You must use the API key from your UK Organisation Account.
  3. If you use PayPal or Apple Pay, you need to enable these payment methods on your UK Organisational Account to continue using them.