I have received a chargeback for credit card, what now?

You have delivered your product or provided your services and you have been paid via credit card. But then you receive a message from Mollie that a chargeback was made. The transaction has been reversed by the card holder.

In this article, we explain what the possible reasons might be and how to deal with them.

What is a chargeback?

Credit card is a globally popular payment method. Particularly from the consumer's perspective, because the transaction can be reversed up to 180 days after delivery of the products. To do this, the cardholder contacts their bank and states the reason why the transaction should be reversed.

Next, the cardholder's bank (also known as issuer) reports this to Mollie's bank (the acquirer). Next, we report the chargeback to you. When the issuer accepts the chargeback it will always be carried out and costs will be deducted (€19.00 excl. VAT). There is a possibility to object to the chargeback. More about this later.

Reason for the chargeback

From the bank, we receive a so-called reason code. This code is used to indicate why a chargeback was carried out. Because it is not always clear what the specific codes mean, we have included the most common ones on the list you see below.

Stated reason


Documents pertaining to objection

Visa: 10.4
Mastercard: 4837

Fraudulent transaction

The card holder states they did not themselves perform the transaction. This does not happen if a 3D Secure is used. Filing a successful objection against a chargeback regarding a transaction in which 3D Secure was not used is very difficult.

Visa: 13.2
Mastercard: 4841 or 4850

Cancelled recurring transaction

The card holder does not agree with the recurring transaction that was carried out. Documents and correspondence showing that the transaction took place in accordance with existing agreements, can be used to file an objection.

Visa: 13.1
Mastercard: 4855

Services not performed or goods not received

For physical products: Track & Trace to the address of the card holder showing that they were in fact delivered.


For digital products or services: relevant documents showing that the services or products were performed or delivered.

Visa: 13.3
Mastercard: 4853

Product does not match description or shows defect

This can be difficult to object to because the reason can be more specific. This can be determined in consultation with us.

Visa: 13.6
Mastercard: 4860

Refund not received

The consumer expected a refund (for instance by returning the products) but did not receive it. An objection can be filed by showing that the refund was possibly processed in a different way.


Chargeback procedure

When we receive the chargeback report, we will immediately forward it to you. You can then file an objection within a few working days. When the objection is forwarded to the bank, it takes 45 days before we learn whether the objection was accepted or not.

When the objection has not been rejected after 45 days, we reverse the chargeback in the account concerned. The money is then added to the account. Unfortunately, the €19.00 fee cannot be waived.


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