As soon as a consumer has made a payment via your website, the status of this payment changes. You can see this on your Mollie Dashboard and in your webshop system (or other system that you use). The various statuses are further explained below.





The consumer has successfully completed payment.


A payment was created/initiated, but not yet completed.


The consumer has failed to complete the payment within the set time (usually 15 minutes), causing the payment to expire.


The consumer has clicked on 'cancel'.


The payment has failed. It is possible that your consumer's bank is experiencing a disruption.

Paid out

The money has since been transferred to your business account.


The credit-card payment has been reversed or a SEPA Direct Debit payment was reversed by the consumer. In case of Sofort the transaction has not been made by the bank of the consumer.


You refunded this payment to the consumer via your dashboard or the API.

Besides different transaction statuses, there are also different statuses for orders (e.g. when a consumer pays with Klarna). Find more information about the possible status for an order here.


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