What is an Unauthorised Direct Debit Report?

Your customer can reverse a direct debit payment within 8 weeks. Your customer also has the right to file an Unauthorised Direct Debit Report with the bank, up until 13 months after the date of the direct debit payment. If a report has been filed, the bank checks whether the mandate for the direct debit is valid. 


What happens if my customer files an Unauthorised Direct Debit Report?

The bank lets us know when your customer files an Unauthorised Direct Debit Report. We will contact you and ask you to submit all the information regarding how the mandate was obtained. This could be your customer’s signature, the agreement on the direct debit, the date of issue of the mandate and your customer’s details. 



If the direct debit was unauthorised, your customer will receive the amount back and you will pay the costs of the Unauthorised Direct Debit Report. These costs are € 65,-. excluding VAT. 


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