What do I need to know about reversals of SEPA Direct Debit transactions?

A SEPA Direct Debit transaction can be reversed up to 8 weeks after the date of direct debit. Reversing a payment is in most cases easy to do. There are quite a few banks that offer reversal without stating a reason through the online banking environment. This means that it can often be hard to discover the reason for reversal.

When you receive a reversal via Mollie we will communicate this the next working day via the export of failed transactions. Reversals are marked with a MD06 reason code. In case of a reversal we’ll have to charge you € 7,50. These costs will be added to the initial transaction costs.

Reversals can be difficult to avoid. Clear communication about the transaction and order between you and your customer are crucial. This way you will minimize reversal because customers don’t recognize a payment or are unsatisfied with the product. We advice proactive communication about the status of an order and displaying your collector’s ID on your website.

When a payment reversal is made there is a chance the reversal will turn into an Unauthorized Direct Debit Report, which will result in extra charges.


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