Is an iDEAL payment an official authorization for Direct Debit?

The SEPA Direct Debit product is subject to specific rules. There are also rules for granting and managing an authorization (also known as a mandate).
There are two ways in which you can obtain a valid mandate:

  1. A mandate with a 'wet' signature, i.e. which has been signed with a pen.
  2. A mandate with a digital authorization (via digital Direct Debit Authorization).

At this time, Mollie does not offer integration with Direct Debit Authorization. An iDEAL transaction is therefore not an official method for issuing an authorization, even though in practice it is often used that way, and does offer a certain degree of certainty. We can in fact state with great certainty that when a person can make an iDEAL payment as a first payment, they do have access to the account that we are going to direct debit from.

However, should a discussion arise over the validity of the authorization, the consumer will always win. In practice, this means that the account holder can perform an Unauthorised Direct Debit Report up until 13 months after the direct debit date.


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