What is an Unauthorized Direct Debit Report?

An Unauthorized Direct Debit Report can be filed up until 13 months after the direct debit date. The difference between a reversal and an Unauthorized Direct Debit Report is that the latter is not so easy to file. The consumer has to contact the bank and state that a specific direct debit should not have been made. The bank then specifically checks the mandate and whether it meets their criteria.

When such a report has been filed with the bank, we will contact you and ask you to submit all information pertaining to how the mandate was obtained. For instance, the consumer's signature or agreement to the direct debit, date of issue of the mandate, consumer's details, etc.

We will then do what we can to ensure the transaction is not reversed. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will succeed. An Unauthorized Direct Debit Report also costs money. We charge €65 ex VAT for this service.

We know from practice that such reports are rarely filed.


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