How do I refund a payment?

You can issue a refund directly from your Mollie Dashboard. This is possible for all payment types, except gift cards and paysafecards.


Issue a refund from your Mollie Dashboard

  1. Open your Mollie Dashboard and go to Transactions > Payments.
  2. Select the payment you want to refund. 
      • You can refund up to 100 transactions at once.
  3. Click on Refund.
  4. Fill in the amount you want to refund.
      • If you don’t want to refund the total amount, fill in the part of the amount you want to refund.
      • You can refund up to an additional € 25,- to a consumer. Did a consumer pay by credit card? Then it’s not possible to refund additional money.
      • Would you like to add a description? The consumer will see this on his bank statement. You can’t add a description if a consumer has paid by credit card.
  5. Click on Refund.
      • Do you not have enough balance in your Mollie account? The refund will be added in the queue and we will carry it out as soon as you have sufficient balance in your account. You can also top up your balance manually.
      • We will deduct the refunded amount from your next payment.

We process refunds the next business day. The consumer usually receives the money on his account the same day. Did the consumer pay by credit card? The refund will then be credited on the consumer’s credit card within 14 days and will be visible on his credit card statement.


Time limit

Did the consumer pay by PayPal? Then it is possible to issue a refund for up to 180 days after the transaction. If a consumer paid by credit card, you can issue a refund for up to one year after the transaction. There is no time limit for other payment methods.


Cancel refund

You can cancel your refund within 2 hours using the dashboard.


Good to know

Transaction costs come with every successful transaction, therefore these will not be refunded.


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