What is Connect for Platforms?

Connect for Platforms is the most efficient way to integrate, accept and route payments for SaaS and Marketplace platforms. It is a toolkit of configurable API’s ranging from hosted onboarding, splitting payments, a customizable and responsive dashboard, all with comprehensive local support. 

Platforms can now connect accounts and route payments between the platform, their customers or sellers who receive payments, and consumers who make payments. 

It is now possible for developers to build apps and have customers log in with their Mollie account. You can now easily build a product on the Mollie platform and make it available to all your customers or sellers. You can use Connect for Platforms for things like making payments, automating split payments, and issuing refunds, as well as sorting through transactions and payouts. Of course, your app must first request access from your customer or seller  to do so. Customers can choose to withdraw this access at any time. Connect for Platforms is commonly used for ticketing software, donation platforms, payment links on invoices, data tools (insights), restaurant ordering platforms, booking software and payment pages, among other things.

Connect for Platforms works via the Connect API. This API is built on OAuth 2.0 (Open Authorization), the industry standard when it comes to securely and confidentially providing data to apps. Through OAuth, you can access and carry out transactions on behalf of a Mollie customer’s account. OAuth uses “tokens”, which allow these actions to be performed without requiring the Mollie customer’s confidential data, such as their user name and password. The article “Working with access tokens” contains a brief explanation of how we use various tokens.

Follow the step-by-step procedure here to onboard customers via Connect for Platforms and streamline this process: Onboard your customers at Mollie.


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