What identity documents are accepted?

When you create a Mollie account, we need to verify an identity document (ID) from the legal representatives of your organisation. Accepted documents include:

  • Passport: the front of the page with personal information.
  • ID card: the front and back with personal information.
  • Residence permit: the front and back of the card.
  • Dutch or UK driving licence: the front and back of the card.

If your identity document is issued by the Netherlands, you don’t need to block out your BSN, as this will automatically be done.


Requirements of your ID

Your ID needs to meet the following requirements:

  • It’s a valid and non-expired document.
  • The copy is a PDF, JPG, or PNG file. 
  • The file size is between 32 kb and 10 MB.
  • The maximum resolution of the file is 64MBPx.
  • The corners are visible.
  • The copy is well-lit and without visible reflection. 
  • Black and white scans are not accepted.


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