During the sign up procedure, we ask you to fill out what bank account you would like us to transfer your payouts to and to verify your bank account by transferring 1 cent via iDEAL or bank transfer to us.

Please follow the mentioned steps below when you arrive at ‘Bank account’ when creating a Mollie account.

1. First, fill out your IBAN number

Make sure you fill out the number of a business bank account, we are not allowed to pay out on private bank accounts. Read more about why a business bank account is mandatory in this article.


2. Once you have filled out the IBAN number, choose how you would like to verify the bank account

The bank account needs to be verified so we can check if the account number matches what you have filled out in step 1 and if it is indeed a business bank account.


3. Follow the further instructions to complete the payment


Add a new business bank account

Is your account already active and would you like to add a new bank account? In that case, go to the bank accounts page of your account. Here you can add a new bank account by clicking ‘Add new bank account’. Please bear in mind that we can only pay out into one bank account.