How you link Mollie's payment platform to your website depends on the system that you use. Roughly speaking, we distinguish between 3 different options:

  1. Ready-to-use webshop software (hosted webshops)
  2. Webshop modules
  3. DIY solutions (for instance in PHP, Ruby, Node.js)

For each of these options, you will need at least an API key. You can find it in your account as soon as we have approved your website. Would you like to test the system first? Then use the test API key. For real payments you should use the live API key.

Ready-to-use webshop software

If, for instance, you are using Lightspeed (formerly SEOshop), Mijnwebwinkel or Shopify, then it is really easy to link the Mollie payment system to your website. The same applies for invoicing programs such as Moneybird and Factuursturen. This is because our payment platform has already been integrated into these systems. All you have to do is enter the live API key. Quite often, this entry field can be found via the menu of the system that you use, via 'payment type' or 'payment method' or via 'settings'. You select Mollie as the payment provider and paste in the live API key. As soon as you have saved this (and possibly selected the desired payment methods) the link is ready for payments..

Some webshop systems will ask you to enter a different code, namely the profile key or the partner ID or customer ID. In that case, we advise you to send us an email about this ( We will then send you the right code. Read more here.

Webshop modules

The most widely-used packages that we support are WooCommerce (i.c.w. WordPress), Magento, Opencart and Prestashop. If you are using one of these packages, you will need a plug-in/module. We have developed many of these modules ourselves and they can be downloaded for free from our website. After downloading the plug-in, you enter the live API key into it. This code enables your website to communicate with the Mollie payment platform. Read more here.

DIY solutions

If you have a reasonable amount of programming experience (or know a good programmer), you can decide to build your own webshop software based on our API documentation. In it, our developers provide a full description of how our system works, including examples in various programming languages. Here, you will also find other APIs, such as the Subscriptions API (for instance for subscriptions) and the Connect API. For starters, you can use an API Client. This is an example of coding that could form the basis for your technical solution. Read more here.

If that doesn't work, we advise you to contact the website builder or provider. Every system is different, and we cannot always determine from afar what the problem is.