How do I link Mollie to my website?

How you link Mollie to your website depends on how it is built. We have tools for plug and play webshops, webshop modules and self-built webshops. You always need a personal API key, which you can find in your Mollie Dashboard


Ready-made webshops

Ready-to-use webshops, such as Lightspeed, Mijnwebwinkel or Shopify or billing software like Moneybird or Factuursturen only require an API key:

  1. Open the account of the software program you use.
  2. Go to the page Settings or Payment method.
  3. Select Mollie as your preferred payment platform.
  4. Enter the API key.
    • Please contact us if the system asks for a different key, such as a profile key or id code.


Webshop modules

You can use a plugin for common software packages such as WooCommerce, Magento, Opencart and Prestashop. We already made a list of frequently used plugins for you:

  1. Download the free plugin for your webshop.
  2. Install the plugin.
  3. Enter the API key.


Self-built solutions

On our website you will find everything you need to link Mollie to your self-built website. Our developers wrote manuals about how our system works. You will also find examples in different programming languages and several APIs. If you are or know a developer, you can get started immediately. 


Different keys

In your Mollie Dashboard you will find a test key and a live key. To test your payment system, please use the test key. 



Can't find what you're looking for?

Please contact Support for help.