How do I use Mollie Recurring?

Mollie Recurring allows you to set up a one-off or direct debit payment. This way your customers can pay automatically. The first payment will be via a standard and suitable payment method after which you will collect further payments via SEPA direct debit, credit card, or PayPal.  


Setting up Mollie Recurring

To set up Mollie Recurring follow the steps below:

  1. Create a Customer with our Customer API.
    • You need the legal name and email address of the customer.
    • You can set up the correct language.
  2. Activate one of the following payment methods in your Mollie Dashboard:
  3. Create a ‘first payment’. This is the payment in which you ask permission to the customer for an automatic payment.
    • You can only create a ‘first payment’ for a payment method that is activated in your Mollie Dashboard.
    • For a 'first payment' you use the amount to be paid or you choose a verification payment of € 0,01.  With credit card and Paypal you can even use a payment of € 0,-. For payments with Recurring there is a maximum amount.


After the first payment

From now on, you will be able to conduct automatic payments on this mandate. Instead of creating a ‘first payment’ you will now be able to create a ‘recurring payment’. You can do so under SequenceType in our Payments API. It is up to you to decide the amount of the payment and how often it is debited. Would you prefer to offer a subscription for a fixed amount per period? Then you can also use our Subscriptions API.


Testing payments

Would you like to test recurring payments? With SEPA direct debit, this is possible to a limited extent. You could use the test API key, but the pending status will not change and you will not receive a confirmation when it has succeeded. Would you still like to test this process? Then make sure you use a credit card payment with the test API key. Create a payment with Recurring via credit card. If this works, then payments with SEPA direct debit will also be successful.


Transferring customers to a new account

‘Customers’ created via the Customer API can not be transferred to a different Mollie account. You will need to create a new customer in your new account via the Customer API. If you don't want the customer to have to pay the first payment again, create a new mandate via SEPA direct debit in our Mandates API.


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