What are the risks of payments via credit card?

Credit card is a global payment method that involves certain risks. It is not guaranteed that you’ll receive your money, and using the card is susceptible to fraud.



By submitting a chargeback, the owner of a credit card can reverse a payment within 6 months after the payment. The bank of the consumer initiates a refund. A consumer is allowed to submit a chargeback for the following reasons:

  • The consumer did not receive their product.
  • The product is not as described.
  • The consumer did not receive their money back.
  • Someone else paid with the consumer’s credit card (credit card fraud).


Credit card fraud

If a payment is not 3D secure, someone can make payments with a stolen credit card. The owner of the credit card can submit a chargeback after such a fraudulent transaction. As a reseller, you lose your product and your money. 


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