How Can I Access My Customer's API Keys in Mollie?

Accessing the API keys is an important step to implement Mollie for a customer. It is crucial to maintain the highest security standards during this process. Therefore, Mollie explicitly advises against requesting your customer to share their API keys via email, screenshot, or login details.

To access the necessary API keys securely, follow these steps to be added as a user to your customer's Mollie account:

  1. Request Addition as a User: Ask your customer to add you as a member of their Mollie account. They can do this by navigating to 'Organisation Settings' > 'Team' > 'Add Member.' They should assign you the 'Developer' role.
  2. Accessing the API Keys: Once added as a 'Developer,' you can access the API keys directly through your Mollie dashboard. Your customer's organisation will now appear in the dropdown menu at the top left of your dashboard, where you can select it and view the API keys under the appropriate website profile.

For more detailed information on user roles and access rights within Mollie, please refer to this section on user roles and permissions.

Following these steps ensures secure and authorised access to the API keys, enabling you to proceed with the Mollie implementation for your customer effectively and safely.