How do I activate gift cards as a payment method?

Mollie enables your consumers to pay with several gift cards. To use this payment method, please contact the distributor of your preferred gift card. Then, you can activate using gift cards as a payment method in your Mollie Dashboard.


Step 1: Signing in

Contact the organisation that publishes the gift card you wish to accept. The organisation will ask for your PSP ID. Give them your Mollie partner ID. You can find your Mollie ID in your Mollie Dashboard, under the name of your company. 

Step 2: Activating gift cards as a payment method

Activate gift cards as payment method in your Mollie Dashboard after the organisation confirmed your registration:

  1. In your dashboard, go to Settings > Website profiles.
  2. Select Payment methods.
  3. Click on the arrow next to Gift card.
  4. Select the gift cards you want to offer.

We will check your registration with the publisher of the gift card and will activate your new payment option.


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