Mollie provides MT940 files to easily enter your earnings into your accounting system. For this purpose, you can use the following examples.

To automate the process, you can use the MT940 files once a day or once a month. You can find them on the Dashboard under Administration Export to MT940.

Additional suspense account

The first step is to ensure you have an additional suspense account in your accounting system. This is the suspense account you use to process everything you receive via Mollie. In your administration, this suspense account always holds the balance that you're owed by Mollie. Thanks to the use of a suspense account, it is possible to accurately enter the dates of all payments into your accounting system.

The suspense account will in most cases be created automatically in the accounting system after you import a file for the first time. If this does not happen, you can enter this Mollie account number: NL30 ABNA 0524 5909 58.

In these examples, the general ledger number of the Mollie suspense account is 1010.

General ledger numbers used

In these examples, the use of a number of (standard) general ledger numbers in your bookkeeping is assumed:

  • 1000 Payment account
  • 1010 Mollie suspense account
  • 1300 Debtors
  • 2000 Cash transfers in transit
  • 4130 Money transfer costs
  • 8000 Sales revenue

Example of items

You sell a set of flowerpots to a consumer on 26 March. You then send the consumer a digital invoice. Your client is now a debtor and you credit the proceeds of the sale to the appropriate account:

Date Account Debit Credit Description
03-26-15 1300 € 100.00   Sales order #1337
03-26-15 8000   € 100.00 Sales order #1337

On 27 March, you debtor pays an invoice in the amount of € 100.00 with iDeal via Mollie. You credit the amount to the Mollie suspense account (1010) and debit it from the debtor's suspense account (1300).

Date Account Debit Credit Description
03-27-15 1010 € 100.00   Payment for order #1337
03-27-15 1300   € 100.00 Payment for order #1337

A few days later, Mollie pays out the amount to you, minus the transaction costs. You receive an email from Mollie notifying you of the payout. When you import the statements of your current account (from your bank's online environment) you will see Mollie's payout. Because the amount is only credited to you one day after Mollie has executed the transfer, you use the ledger number 2000 Cash transfers in transit to enter it into your accounting system.

Date Account Debit Credit Description
03-29-15 1010   € 99.55 Payout 180201.1503.01
03-29-15 2000 € 99.55   Payout 180201.1503.01

When you enter the statement of your bank account, you see Mollie's payout. You can now debit it from Cash transfers in transit and credit it to your bank account. The balance of your bank account has now increased by € 99.55.

Date Account Debit Credit Description
03-30-15 1000 € 99.55   Payout 180201.1503.01
03-30-15 2000   € 99.55 Payout 180201.1503.01

On the first working day of the next month, Mollie sends you an invoice. You credit the costs of this invoice to the general ledger number you use for payment costs and debit it from the suspense account.

Date Account Debit Credit Description
04-01-15 4130 € 0.45   Invoice number 2015.105599
04-01-15 1010   € 0.45 Invoice number 2015.105599

At this time, the balance of the Mollie suspense account is € 0.00. Everything has been paid and all costs have been invoiced.


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