How do I activate Multi-currency Payouts?

When you’re ready to activate Multi-currency Payouts, you’ll need to add a new bank account and an additional balance to your account.


What you need to know in advance

You must meet certain criteria to activate Multi-currency Payouts on your account.


Adding a new bank account

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Settings > Bank account
  2. Click on Add new bank account
  3. Add your bank account details.
  4. Verify your bank account according to the currency you chose.
  5. Add an additional balance.


Adding an additional balance

You can add an additional balance while we are verifying your bank account. However, it will only become active after the bank verification is completed.

  1. In your Mollie Dashboard, go to Settings > Payouts
  2. Click the top right button Add payout currency.
  3. Select the Payout currency and fill in the details for Payout bank account
  4. You can change the payout frequency by selecting Change settings


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