How do I link Klarna to my account?

With Klarna, your customer can make a deferred payment or make a payment in instalments. We support 2 of Klarna’s capabilities: Klarna Pay later and Klarna Slice it. The benefit of using Klarna, is that they carry all the risks concerning payments and possible fraud. You, as a merchant, will always receive your money. Link Klarna to your Mollie account by installing the Orders API.


Installing Klarna

You can link Klarna to your Mollie account by installing the Orders API or installing a plugin for your webshop:

  1. Download and install the Orders API or install a plugin for your read-made webshop
  2. Open your Mollie Dashboard.
  3. Go to Settings > Website profiles > Payment methods.
  4. Select Klarna Pay Later and/or Klarna Slice it

We check your request and will give you a confirmation in 2 business days. 


Pay later

With Pay later your customer can pay in 14 days after the shipment date in the Netherlands, Austria, Finland and Germany, or in 21 days in Belgium. For a fee the customer can pay in 60 days. This fee differs per country.  Pay later is available for customers from:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Finland
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands


Slice it

With Slice it, your customer can pay in 3 to 36 instalments. Klarna does a credit check to see if your customer is eligible for this payment method. Slice it is available for customers from: 

  • Austria
  • Finland
  • Germany


Payment risks and fraud

Klarna takes responsibility for all payment risks and possible fraud. This means that you always get your money from Mollie. Just like you’re used to. However, Klarna has the following conditions:

  • You can show Klarna proof of shipment.
  • You will answer in 24 hours if Klarna contacts you.


Good to know

Klarna is supported by several plugins. We listed them for you