What does my order status mean?

In your Mollie Dashboard, you can find details about your orders on the Orders page. There are several possible statuses for an order depending on what payment method your customer used to pay for it. If your customer paid with Klarna, the order may show some different statuses.


What you need to know in advance

It is not possible to change the status of an order when it is marked as Cancelled or Expired. You can ask your customer to make a new order instead.





The order has been created.


The payment for the order is successful.


This status applies to orders paid with Klarna.


This status applies to orders paid with Klarna.


You have shipped part of the order and marked these products as shipped in the Mollie Dashboard. When you have shipped the entire order, the status will change to Paid.


You have shipped or cancelled all order lines under this order. If all order lines are cancelled, then the order status will show Cancelled instead. This status is final.


You have cancelled this order and will not ship it. You can cancel orders that haven’t been marked as shipped yet. Only you can cancel orders, your customer cannot do this. This status is final and cannot be changed.


There are two possibilities for this status: 

  • The customer never finished the checkout process. After 48 hours, the open order expires.
  • The order was Authorised but not marked as Shipped. After the shipping window of 28 days, the open order expires. If you do not mark an order as Shipped, you will not receive a payment from Klarna. 

This status is final and cannot be changed.


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