What are the conditions for the use of Recurring?

Mollie created the Recurring API to allow consumers to make repeated (periodical) payments. Payments to a gym or for a phone subscription come to mind, or upgrading the credit on a card (for instance the OV chip card). 

To make recurring payments possible, the consumer must first make an initial (first) payment. There are various ways of doing this.

For Recurring payments via SEPA Direct Debit these are the available first payment methods:

For Recurring payments via credit card, credit card is the only first payment method.



There are conditions specific to the use of Recurring:

Please note that SEPA Direct Debit or credit card must be activated in your account for the right website profile. These are payment methods carrying an increased risk, as the consumer can reverse payments (as opposed to, for instance, payments via iDEAL). We, therefore, do apply specific conditions to these payment methods.


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