Via our credit card platform, we support payments via cards issued by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. That may sound limited, but offers the widest coverage. Especially, when you consider that, as a result, there is a large number of co-branded cards that we also support.

In addition to transactions via the above-mentioned cards, it is also possible to receive payments from the following cards:

  • Maestro (MasterCard's debit card)
  • V-pay (Visa's debit card)
  • Dankort (offers approximately 97% coverage in Danmark. Co-branded Visa)
  • Carta Si (popular payment method in Italy. Co-branded Visa / MasterCard)
  • Carte Bleue (offers extensive coverage in France. Co-branded Visa)
  • Nordea (Finnish payment method. Co-branded MasterCard)

As a merchant, you don't have to do anything to support these cards. It is fully automatic. Transactions via one of these cards appear as normal credit card payments on the dashboard.