In order to be able to use PayPal via Mollie, you need to have a business PayPal account.

Perform the following steps to link PayPal to Mollie.

Step 1: PayPal account settings

Log in to with the email address and password of the business PayPal account. After logging in, a button for the account settings will appear in the top right corner. Click on this button and select 'Account Settings'.


Step 2: Granting API access

Open the submenu 'Account access'. Next, open the page 'API access' by clicking on the link 'Update' on the right-hand side.


In the next screen, click on 'Grant API permission'.


Step 3: Assign API rights

Fill out the username '' and click on the 'Lookup' button. Next, a list of API rights that you can grant to Mollie appears. From this list, select the following ten rights:


Step 4: Add the PayPal address to your Mollie account

After completing the above-mentioned steps, the PayPal address can be added to the Mollie account. You can request the payment method via the Payment Methods page in your account. Add the email address of your business PayPal account and save the page. After that, you will be able to receive PayPal payments via Mollie.



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