3D Secure is an additional and optional safety measure for credit card transactions. When the cardholder makes a 3D Secure payment, he does not only enter the card number but might also be asked for a code or password. This can reduce fraudulent transactions (transactions carried out with a stolen card).

When paying with Mollie, a consumer holding a card with a 3D Secure code will usually be obligated to fill it out. You can decide to exclusively accept 3D Secure payments. We choose not to automatically activate this option in your account because it could reduce the conversion. Whether this is actually the case fully depends on your target group and the countries you focus on. Most of the credit cards issued in European countries feature a 3D Secure code. However, consumers from outside Europe often hold older credit cards that lack this additional security feature.

Do you want to receive only 3D Secure payments? Then send us an email requesting us to activate 3D Secure.


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